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Possibly Major Chameleon Moon Book 2: The Lifeline Signal Announcement (And Also LIFE/HEALTH)

If u’ve been following me, u know I recently suffered some hand nerve damage due to p deep cat bite on right/dominant hand (not her fault, she is Good). i already have increasing finger joint pain/early onset arthritis and it Cold As Heck. which = Pain. typing was already Slow. i still have reduced feeling in right hand, numb/pain is bad writing combo.

Plan was for every Chameleon Moon book to follow original date pattern, Oct 11 for book 1, Nov 11 for stories, and Dec 11 for Book 2. First 2, check. last one…

well as u know, Book 1, 2nd Ed. had more changes/updates than originally planned. thats why it was better. plus, upcoming connection short story btw now and then i didnt expect but needs to happen. so thats a Good surprise.

but now everything Hurts and is rly Slow. another surprise. bad kind.

so all this means:

I might srsly have to push back the Book 2, Lifeline Signal release. i’m looking at 2 possibilities. Jan. 1, or 11, 2017.

(jan 1 2017 bc just Heck 2016 forreal, new year new start, wow ok lets start it off right, the bar is low but i think it’ll actually be GOOD, there is still  hope in my heart AFTER EVERYTHING, WOW – and the 11th because it’d follow the pattern i’ve done w the other book releases. i just like 11ths for some reason.)

Depends on how much i get done, and how fast hand heals. nerve damage can take 6 months to heal, and w my Already Messed Up System (with its Metric Ton of Disorders/Disabilities) im side-eying it Hard and expecting Nothing tbh. typing this much has taken Forever and hurts Like Hell.

so no pre-orders yet. until i get a lot more done. and feel better.

when it happens itll be one of those.

i’m sorry about this. i rly am.

oh .this also means i will prob be doing Less for Patreon, at least visual art/writing. bc typing is hard and drawing is kinda impossible rn with bad right hand. i have a few WIPs and i will Try to finish those. at least the short story/audiobook bc Un-Dead audio doesnt require hands, and ‘You’re Not Going That Way’ Needs to happen. tho i am also p messed up from meds rn – tetanus shot/antibiox mess me up GOOD.

so. after these, i dont know how much patreon content i will be able to get done. but if you still want to check out/request stuff (that i can actually do) in this trying time, its still main/best means of support.

thank you. i’m sorry and will try to get back to speed/producing good stuff asap. i’ll just be mad at myself until i do tbh, lol and sit here consumed with Must Make The Things for remainder of evening.

loves. ❤

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