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(Also, I did the cover, and I’m pretty proud of it~)

LIFE WITHIN PAROLE: VOLUME 2 is my second collection of ten CHAMELEON MOON short stories! (So, a ton of really queer/trans/disabled people with superpowers surviving a dystopian perma-burning city with the power of love and rock n’ roll, and generally Being Awesome.)

It drops on October 11th (ebook now, paperback soon!), and you can pre-order it from Amazon and a bunch of other places right now, for the special $2.99 pre-launch price!

LWP Ebook Cover

Here’s what it’s about:

Parole is full of danger—and secrets. The deepest of them make up intricately interconnected stories. Damaged survivors finding each other, stitching their lives together in the harshest of places, forging precious bonds amidst the flames. Gradually growing trust, love, and understanding between found families. But there’s no escaping this place, its deadly realities, or its predators. A brutal capture. A hellish withdrawal and fragile recovery. A harrowing escape. A breakneck sprint across a haunted, poisoned wasteland. Life and death, trust and betrayal, choking smoke and breaths of fresh air—all of these are just part of life within Parole. * * * Volume 2 contains ten new Chameleon Moon short stories, and while many stand alone, they’re best enjoyed between Books 1 and 2.

Thank you so much for reading/boosting/loving! I can’t wait to share this with you!

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