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My Birthday Is Tomorrow! (March 5th~)

And wow, let me say… I am so happy about this because yesterday was the first day since getting off topamax (the Very Bad Drug that was Bad for me, BUT also caused me Awful Withdrawal Hell getting off it) that I have not had terrible symptoms like numbness/musclespasms/fever/chills/dizziness/weakness, and today is Still Tentatively Okay. Wow. Just feeling Not Awful is the best present ever.

The other one is finishing final-ish draft of Chameleon Moon Book 2: The Lifeline Signal.


Wow. wow. WOW.

Like… dang. My life is really actually looking up, so I’m happy ALREADY.

And I do not expect anyone to give me stuff or do any of the below, But, IF you would like to…

  1. Buying/reading Chameleon Moon (Book 1) Second Edition is always amazing! As is any kind of boosting/reactions/liveblogs, I love the feels.

  2. If you have done this/have time/spoons, leaving an Amazon review is about THE most helpful thing you could possibly do, more than even goodreads or anywhere else (because Amazon review algorithms – though absolutely any is wonderful!)

  3. There are also several short stories (including my newest ace-positive Valentines Day one, ICYMI!), and a collection of stories, and now is a great time to read them, especially You’re Not Going That Way…

  4. …Because they are very important to Book 2. 😀 Which you can also add on Goodreads. (It’s not out for Amazon pre-order yet, because it’s still not 100% Final and this adds incredible pressure/stress; I have LEARNED THIS THE HARD WAY, never again! Pre-orders will happen though, and soon hopefully.)

  5. Checking out my Patreon is always greatly appreciated/the very best way to support me directly, and it has things like exclusive CM short stories, and a preview scene from Book 2!)

Aside from these incredibly helpful and good Book Things…

  1. CM art/fanfiction/literally anything is always wonderful ❤

  2. Also in case you’ve missed me screaming about them, biggest fandoms (that aren’t ridiculously obscure) are Disney’s Gargoyles, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Queen/Freddie Mercury, and right now ofc Mass Effect is resurging in my heart-tank

And this is all I can think of right now. :3 Might have more later but truly… getting Book 2 done-ish, and getting over that awful medication reaction/withdrawal/just feeling better… I have everything. ❤

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