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I’m finally caught up on my reviews, and this time I’ve got a lot of really good ones! Five stars to all of them! Seriously, please check them out; they’re all wonderful and indies are seriously underloved.

So here we go! (Click the ratings to see the whole reviews on Goodreads!)

Not Your Sidekick

* * *

I love superheroes. I especially love superhero books where the writing is lively and engaging, and the marginalized rep is easy, inclusive and positive. I love Jess’ drive to find herself and come into her own as a hero instead of standing in her sister’s (and parents, to an extent) shadow. I love her resourcefulness and tenacity in the face of opposition and conspiracy from adults, and I love her and Abby’s interactions and chemistry. (I also really love Bells, which is good news for me and everyone else!)

Sink or Swim: The Search for Aveline

* * *

*Yo-ho-hooooooly shit, this is good.*

…That’s what I said when I wrote a quick placeholder review, and I stand by it. If you like super diverse casts, mostly ladies (and one super-sweet merman), all with their own backstories and issues and struggles and hopes and dreams, having amazing seafaring adventures and working together and helping one another grow and heal, with some genuinely hilarious moments and devastating heart-punches (but nothing that crosses the line between catharsis and suffer-porn), you want this book.

Cheerleaders From Planet X

* * *

This book was everything I hoped it would be. A super fun and quick-moving storyline, alien intrigue and secret government organizations, and a cast full of women who support and protect each other instead of being pitted against one another. It was super refreshing to see a sorority (cheerleaders, no less) depicted as being a loving and loyal family instead of the usual backstabby, catty Mean Girl tropes we usually get in high school/college-age stories.

Ripped Pages

This is a wonderfully sweet novelette that I had the honor of beta-reading! I honestly hope I get a lot more like it, because reading and giving feedback for it was seriously enjoyable and made me feel like I was helping a beautiful thing come into a world that needed it. It was also unexpectedly relevant to my own life, so I’m doubly glad to have been able to help.

Good Angel (Good Angel Duology #1)

* * *

So, this was my original review: “…Phoebus staring up at ceiling, bemused and overwhelmed with So Much.jpg” (Because I don’t know how to put images/GIFs in my reviews like Fancy people do.) I stand by it. I knew this would be a BIG one too, hence it taking a while. And it is.

City of Betrayal (City of Spires #2)

* * *

…Can a review just be a very long, extended scream of joy and pain? Because, that. That’s what this is. (Or maybe that one video of the lady getting really excited about painting with rainbow sponges.… *GASP!* OH MY GOSH. I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT ALL THESE FEELINGS. AHHHH! OHHH MY GOSH.

So that’s this round! You can check out these and all of my reviews on Goodreads. Thanks so much for reading!

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