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Hi guys! Super important ending date change. Due to some unforeseen deadline requirements on my end (Amazon is Very Hard and Fast for their pre-orders, and I have to actually get it in, completely formatted/prepared, absolutely non-negotiable, by September 30th), I’m going to have to change the end date for the contest.

The cover art contest now ends at 12 Noon, Pacific Standard Time, on September 29th.

This is two days earlier than I originally planned – and hoped to let you have. I’m really, truly, so very sorry about this, and did not at all expect to have to do this. (I planned the contest knowing nothing about this deadline for me, or the consequences for missing it, which are. Harsh.) I absolutely would not do this to you if I could possibly avoid it, but if I want to make this book happen, at least with a cover, I need to shorten this contest by 2 days. Literal only option.

I really do apologize, especially because the gorgeous art I’ve seen so far has just been giving me life and honestly sustaining me mentally and emotionally through one of the actual most intense/exhausting pushes of my life, and I would not at all be doing as well without you here. I want to thank you so much for being with me, and despite the unforeseen Stress Surprises, you’ve been amazing. Thank you.

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