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Sunday Shorts — “Stake Sauce” by RoAnna Sylver, a #KrakenFriends2018 title!

Hello! A couple of days ago, I did an interview with RoAnna Sylver, and we talked characters, rep, and inspiration. Today I want to focus a bit more on Stake Sauce (Arc 1: The Secret Ingredient is Love. No, Really).

I read this over the last week leading up to the Kraken Collective anniversary celebration (which includes nineteen fabulous queer spec fic titles on sale, and you should check it out), and it was a freaking blast.

The thing is, RoAnna Sylver has a way of balancing tones with real finesse. Like, on the one hand, we’ve got a former firefighter (like, the hop-out-of-a-helicopter type) who has suffered major loss and is now a mall security guard, and on the other, we’ve got a pink-haired vampire who thinks drinking blood is gross.

No, really.

And really, really centrally? It’s so phenomenally queer. Like, rep all over the place…

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