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Some Chameleon Moon Pinterest Boards!

Because of the cover art contest and giveaway event during September (last day to submit is October 1!), I thought it might be helpful to collect some ideas/images/aesthetics/vibes/concepts to think about. I’m really having fun – tons of boards for individual characters, some of which are works in progress (I found a bunch for Jenny Strings and CyborJ, but Zilch and Finn need more loves).

Also, collecting all entries in their own board, for my reference/convenience and for pointing and going LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS THINGS!! 😀 Hope you have fun looking too!

* * *

Evelyn Calliope

I need to add some more quotes/visual aesthetic things for her. I fell into fashion and couldn’t get up. But anything like elegant ballgown couture meets rock star punk = <3!!!!







All Entries~

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