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Review: Tales from Outer Lands by Shira Glassman – 5 Stars

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two quick, lively, lovely reads!

I finished these in two nights, one right after the other. They were both tight, well-written fantasy – maybe a bit of sci-fi, depends on how strict your definition is – and a lot of fun. The first, starring a lady mercenary with a dragon-horse BFF traveling in disguise, rescuing ladies from awful tournaments with human prizes is full of action-adventure, is nicely balanced out with some really interesting character interactions, cleverly and beautifully navigating a language barrier with Hebrew prayers and verses. The second story is much shorter than the first; I got through in about a half hour, and actually laughed a few times – in a good way. (What’s the last thing you need when preparing for a very important holiday feast? Actual alien abduction. And it works.) An unexpected premise… with equally unexpected results thanks to the heroine’s quick thinking.

Seriously, these are two short stories that are sure to make you smile at some point, that left me wanting much more of the universe and characters in it. (So much that I just checked out the actual book from which they hail, The Second Mango. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.)

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