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Patreon Exclusive: The Lifeline Signal Bonus Content! 6 Deleted Scenes! (Part 1 of ???)

You might have heard I re-wrote TLS around 4 times – naturally this led to a LOT of things being cut or redone, including entire characters/subplots. (Jenny Strings, Cairus, and his boyfriend Tobias used to be on the FireRunner in a previous draft, before I realized logistics made this impossible. *gestures to Conspiracy Wall of papers/string* Everything Is Connected~)


That doesn’t mean I hate this stuff tho, in fact some might be used in different ways, like short stories – for the next Life Within Parole volume! – or worked into future books. But whether I do or not, my awesome Patrons get it first! (And for several, probably only.)


Here’s what we got:

1) Jenny Strings dreaming about Hans. Or, rather, he shows up in her dream uninvited.(Deleted plot about him hiding in peoples’ dreams/soaking up the happy of good ones) 2) Deleted Aliyah and Annie convo, after the storm, shows their found-family dynamic more (and how it’s changing as Annie grows up and sees more horrible stuff in the world) 3) Shiloh, Indra and Annie pass through a ‘plague town’ on their way to the FireRunner (this used to be Chapter 3, before Sharpe existed!) 4) Rowan talks with Shiloh about the importance of finding and loving your identity/gender and how pronouns/words are yours to use as you wish (I really liked this, but wanted Shiloh to be comfortable with xirself/gender and not seem like xie was looking for anyone’s approval) 5) A deleted dream sequence (a flashback to Shiloh/Indra/Annie’s first dream, around 10 years ago. Dream babies meeting! …Also, Hans is here for some reason.) 6) The dream babies go clothes shopping. Seriously. (This used to be Chapter 4 – again, figuring out Sharpe/the ghosts changed SO MUCH of the story. …couldn’t bear to get rid of Indra’s karaoke fun, though. That was Vital.)
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