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New F/F short story! Moon-Bright Tides, witch/mermaid goodness!

Moon-Bright Tides Cover

So I Wrote A Short Story About A Witch And A Mermaid Falling In Love And Being Cute Sad Nerds, And It’s On Amazon Now And You Should Read It!

It’s called Moon-Bright Tides, and you can read it on Kindle (or any other device with the app), and get it on a lot of other retailers soon! You can also get it from Gumroad, where it comes with the high-res cover art, free! (No text. It makes a neat phone bg.)

The night sky is very dark without a moon, and there hasn’t been one for decades. Without one to govern the oceans, it falls to Riven, reluctant sea-witch, to sail out alone every night across the midnight ocean to cast a spell to call in the tides. She hates it. Hates the moonless dark, hates the endless deep, and hates the fact that without a witch to sing in the tides, sea and land alike would fall to ruin. Riven faces her worst fear every night for years – until she meets a mermaid. Her new friend is lost, starving, and just as lonely as she is. And now that they’ve found one another, neither of their nights on the midnight sea will be the same.

This is the first in a new series called Lunar Requiem, a loosely-connected stories in a shared universe, where the moon is mysteriously missing, and everyone is left to deal with its absence. (There will be lots of fantasy people, all of them queer in some way… and I think it’s going to be fun.)

Thank you for reading! Boosting is greatly appreciated!

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