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Major Announcement: Chameleon Moon Rights Reversion and Tons O’Plans

Look alive, sunshines, because I’m gonna drop some fun facts on you that have had me singing the not-so-blues for the past several days. I’m sorry I haven’t been around, and when I have been, I’ve been shaking up a storm (anxiety, exhaustion, making myself sick) because it has been a hairy, scary, thunderstorm of a week/couple months – but now I can tell you what’s been going on, and I am seeing the light, and it is a very good, very nice light, I like this light –

What am I rambling about? Couple things. Big things.

  1. My publisher, The Zharmae Publishing Press, has officially closed its doors/gone out of business/ended its activity on this blue marble we call the Earth. Sorry, it’s a hard knock life for indie pub houses, a ton don’t make it, we knew it going in. I’m very grateful for the start I got here and wish everyone the very best.

  2. That sucks for many good people involved here, and I highly recommend showing some love to @mevaughan on tumblr, and B.R. Sanders, Ben Berman Ghan and Brian C. Baer on Twitter; they are Good Authors and Good People and deserve Good Things. I am convinced they will only go on to do Better Things, as well.

  3. I… am also pretty optimistic for Better Things. Because. I have the rights back to Chameleon Moon. This means that it is mine again, entirely, and I am free to do with it whatever I want. It was selling quite well at the time (THANK YOU! <3), and I’m super confident that whatever I do from here, it’ll be great. And fun.

  4. First though, very soon, all Zharmae books, including Chameleon Moon, will be taken down from Amazon. So when that disappears, this would be why. It will be unavailable. That will be sad.

  5. Temporarily.

  6. This book is not going away for good; it will be back very soon – under new management.

  7. (That management is me. And I am so ready.)

  8. So don’t panic. Hang onto your hats/towels/pounding hearts.

  9. Because.

  10. Like always, Everything Is Going To Be Okay.

For me, and for you. I have plans.

Oh my gosh, you guys, I have plans. And I am so excited I can hardly stand it, quite honestly. 😀


Chameleon Moon Book 1: Second Edition.

  1. YOU CAN EXPECT SOME Awesome New Cover Art. (Cool announcement for that coming up later.)

  2. Some Actual Nonbinary Pronouns for the already-nonbinary Zilch. (Remember how I’m always saying they use they/them, but I wasn’t able to do this in the original? That’s happening now. I’m making this happen.)

  3. Ditto for explicitly asexual Regan. He’s an ace lizard man. I love this ace lizard man. Now I can say in-text he’s an ace lizard man.

  4. Probably a lot more small tweaks like the above, representational and/or continuity, just to make everything super smooth and awesome and exactly the way I/you/we want it, ‘cause life’s your restaurant~ (this has been in my head constantly, and now it’s in your head constantly)

  5. Comes with Free Bonus Short Story, “Un-Dead.” This bridges the gap between Books 1 and 2, and provides super important information (instead of just me bugging everyone to read it elsewhere, this is just more convenient, huh?). And that way, anyone getting this won’t feel short-changed. I mean, hopefully you wouldn’t anyway, given the other improvements, but free stuff always helps!

  6. And just in case, Book 1′s new edition would be cheaper than the original – because I can do that now. I can do whatever I want, basically. Nice.

Chameleon Moon, Second Edition very tentatively (subject to change as I figure stuff out) will happen in OCTOBER.

Hopefully October 11th, same day as it originally released. (I’ve always liked that date. It’s National Coming Out Day, and that makes me kind of happy, since this edition would finally have clear NB/ace chars, and me writing confidently and freely).

Yes, this is originally when Book 2 would have dropped. I know. I’m sorry. (That is one Slightly Sucky thing, a minor Book 2 delay; some things are out of my control, like publishers closing).

Book 2 is now, also tentatively, set for December.

In the meantime, as a kind of “sorry for the unexpected delay, and also this entire THING” *gestures to all of publisher/book disappearing from Amazon/everything*…

In November… I’ve got a collection of never-before-seen Chameleon Moon-verse short stories.

These actually have been ‘seen,’ but only on my Patreon. (I’ll figure out something else great for my wonderful Patrons. <3) And now, they are being Released. Both as a collection, and individually,probably 99-cent deals for little bite-sized bits! There are four right now. Probably be more later. My brain is whirling with IDEAS, for the first time in forever! I’m happy and excited! This is a new feeling for me.

Just, my dudes/dudettes/NB/agender friends, cool cats, I have so got you covered. I have so much to share. Remember how you’ve been asking about audiobooks? I CAN DO THAT NOW. Graphic novels? A MUCH MORE REAL POSSIBILITY.

(I’ll add to/edit this post as things become more clear/I learn more information too.)

Uh, what else – oh, ok, you guys could really help me by pointing out any kind of self-publishing resources, and/or people who do reliable freelance editing (especially copy-editing – I have an amazing developmental editor on my side <3). Artists are always welcome; but like I said… got another exciting announcement about cover art coming up, and it will involve ALL OF YOU, so get ready. 😀

But WOW, I’m so excited. I’m actively trying not to get ahead of myself, which is the actual opposite of where I’ve been – and I hope you’ll be happy too. There’ll be an adjustment period, and I’ll need to figure everything out (new territory, kind of scary), and the book will be off amazon for a while… but once I’m back? I’ll be back exactly the way I want. And that’ll be so much better and closer to what I think you will want. It’s just… good. It’ll be good. ❤

Thank you for being with me here. Thank you for staying with me. Just knowing I’m not alone here has made all of this so much less terrifying, and let me know I can actually handle this. That’s made the difference.


P.S. – to answer a question I just got – if you already bought a digital copy of Chameleon Moon, that copy is yours. Forever. It’s only being deleted from Amazon the site, not anyone’s readers/hard drives. As far as I know, I mean, unless Amazon’s policies are like… super evil? I can’t imagine they would delete books that you bought with your own monies when that book goes out of print.

But if they decide to actually be super evil, like something I’d write, ha – and do… talk to me. For reasons. (Like I said up there. I am, and always will be… the Sylver who’s got you covered.)

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