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Life Within Parole, Volume 1 is available for Amazon Kindle (and *anything* with the app) now!

From the Back Cover:

Living in a city whose population has been quarantined and imprisoned over an eternally burning lake of fire isn’t what most people would call a ‘normal life.’ Then there are the superhuman abilities. Thousands of people with wings, scales, telepathy, sonic blasts – ‘normal’ seems long gone. But life goes on. Eventually, everyone discovers that life within Parole is just as real, meaningful, fun, frightening, mundane, and survivable, as any other. Sometimes it’s just a little more super-natural.

This collection of seven short stories from the universe of Chameleon Moon gives readers a look at everyday life in Parole, and the colorful, memorable, and thoroughly human characters who call it home.

1. The Library Ghost 2. Happy REGARDS 3. Runtime 4. Group Therapy 5. Phoenix Down 6. Un-Dead

7. Come Home Alone

8. “What You Remember,” theme to Chameleon Moon, Book 1

9. “Dream Sweet,” Memory Lullaby Waltz

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