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IN WHICH: I Ramble About My Own Characters And Get Really Emotional bc I Love These Nerds

So for Chameleon Moon we have Regan and Evelyn – 

Regan is one of the main chars of Chameleon Moon, and… I write so much of myself into him it’s ridic. He’s a lizard-mutant guy and, like most lizards, is very jumpy and nervous – mostly bc he has acute anxiety and PTSD (and also amnesia, to a sci-fi extent, but all of these are actually ownvoice experience for me). Regan just… tries so hard. His goal in CM Book 1 is to recover his life, find who he was/is, his place in this terrifying (but amazing) city, and the people who love and want him back. (They very much do.) He’s also ace/demisexual, on page and unambiguous, and actually was/is in a polyamorous relationship with… several chars who are spoilery, but this is actually important to his process for finding himself. He often feels like a lost, scared lizard, but consistently we see that Regan is actually a strong, determined DRAGON, who is brave even/especially when he’s scared. He also has asthma, which comes up in the short stories… and is foreshadowed in book 1 by me talking about air/breathing like 40 times with him.

Evelyn is one of the superheroines who protects Parole, and is married to 2 others, Danae and Rose. 😀 Together, they fight crime. And they have a 4-year-old kid, Jack, and a (robot) dog, Toto-Dandy, and they’re basically the most stable, functional family I’ve ever written. Evelyn has sonic scream and kind of hypnotic powers, like she can Yell and knock down buildings, and sing and make everyone feel mellow and happy. She’s Intensely dedicated to keeping her city and the people she loves safe, and probably takes on too much responsibility/overworks herself; fortunately she has an awesome family/friend support network who remind her to rest and let them pick it up. She’s also trans and 100000% cool with herself and will Yell at anyone who isn’t. Also she’s a rock star and everyone in Parole (who isn’t an Evil Doer) is a fan. (…i love Evelyn.)

And in Stake Sauce, there’s Jude and Pixie!

Jude is the MC of Stake sauce, he’s disabled trans guy and… a mall cop who “secretly” (he is not subtle) hunts vampires, and doesn’t really care about his actual job at all. He USED to be a firefighter (smokejumper, the incredibly badass guys who parachute down from planes/helicopters) until 5 years ago, something Horrible happened (a vampire attack) that killed one of his best friends (Felix, he and his fiance Jasper were So Close to asking Jude to be their boyfriend) and left him with one leg. Jude is dedicated to proving vampires exist, and also finding the one that killed Felix, and this has p much taken over his entire life. He’s REALLY Serious and Driven, and lives with PTSD and chronic pain from the incident 5 years ago. Hunting vampires is kind of his #Unhealthy Coping Mechanism here, and his surviving friends Jasper and Eva are really worried about him. Jude is also a Nerd, has like zero knowledge of pop culture/doesn’t care, and WILL chase u down to make you use a coaster or take off your shoes or something (this is the only thing he is good at with mall-copping, the floors are very clean). 

Pixie is… the opposite of everything Jude is, LOL. He used to be Jude’s upstairs neighbor who played very loud (not very musical) rock music (they would get into floor/ceiling banging fights bc Jude does Not appreciate this) until he disappeared, and came back Vampired (first as a fuzzy bat that flew into Jude’s window). He still has cute pink hair and loves to rock out, but has really had a hard time of it lately (being turned was Rough and he’s still dealing with this) especially when it comes to OTHER VAMPIRES giving him crap bc he is  basically the Opposite of threatening. He’s adorable and I love writing him, he is a soft boy in several ways, he is cute chub and i think this is important, and he is a cuddlebug in both human and bat form

AND… IF YOU *WANT,* the mains of my new series (that goes with Stake Sauce), Death Masquerade, it centers some queer polyam witches who are also super cool – Letizia, MonaLisa and Zadkiel. (I haven’t written as much on them yet but having fun so far)

Letizia is assisting Holy Inspector Giovanni on getting to the bottom of a rash of brutal (vampiric) murders in Venice – I think their dynamic is reminiscent of a genderswapped Mulder and Scully. She’s super quick/sharp/perceptive and sarcastic AF. She is also super confident in her abilities, magic and combat (she fights with clawed knuckles/punching blades and is ridic badass, she likes to make Gadgets like daylight-beam goggles to help hunt vampires/magical baddies~) and basically knows she is the hottest shit in this or any other world. 

MonaLisa is Letizia’s girlfriend – and also a vampire (Letizia knows and is Cool with it) and also Venice’s rising opera star. On stage she’s graceful and powerful and intimidatingly otherworldly… and off stage she is a complete dork and squishy fluffy lovemuffin (also chub and like universally thought of as ridic gorgeous/desired), much Drama, such Squeal. I realized she reminds me of a vampire Charlotte from The Princess And The Frog and. I’m ok with this. She gets wrapped up in the murders when they start being DEDICATED TO HER, “The Sweet Night Goddess,” and she does Not need this bc if it gets out she’s a vampire (much less connected to the murders!) she’ll lose everything she’s worked for and never sing in any theatre again (and also prob be. hunted and stuff) I LOVE HER A LOT AND CAN’T WAIT TO WRITE HER AND LETIZIA, AND…

Zadkiel is nonbinary (they/them) and is the Most Witch of the 3 – they’re a healer primarily (and like the witch 19th century equivalent of a social worker, they help abused and abandoned people a lot) and live outside the city in the woods… with bears. Lunette is their favorite and they babytalk/ride around/love on this giant bear, it’s amazing. They wear masks, like the plague doctor mask, Aesthetic – a lot, bc being a trans person (and also a witch) in 1800s Venice with the Catholic Church basically running everything is Not safe. Zadkiel is like equal parts badass and dork, they WILL throw fireballs at every bad guy and protect all the babies, and probably cackle-snort while doing it. Also they can turn into a white dog, and enjoy earscratches a lot.


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