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Here’s the Punchline: A Queer Fan’s Hopes for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

You know what would be Kevin Smith’s biggest power move yet? He’s made a lot in his life and career. Like, a lot. But the biggest wouldn’t be going from a no-budget, no-big-name, no-studio-support indie movie to a huge, multimillion dollar franchise studded with more stars than a smog-free night sky (but wow, what a journey). Nor would it be successfully bringing the controversial and lovingly subversive Dogma into the world, despite the Catholic League’s furious protests (though gosh, that really just makes the whole thing even better). Not even surviving the near-lethal heart attack dubbed the Widowmaker, totally transforming his life, body and, from the sounds of it, emotional heart as well as physical (but that’s still such a good thing to see).

Nah. The ultimate Kevin Smith power move would be for the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, a film he wrote to be (but probably/hopefully won’t…

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