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Happiness in the Darkest Times: The Chameleon Moon Series

I’m fresh off of reading the first two (and at the moment, only two out) books of a series, and guys, what a series it is. It is wonderful and hopeful despite some of the awful things that happen in it, thus me stealing the title quote from Dumbledore.

Chameleon Moon is the first book in the series by RoAnna Sylver, and even though it’s technically a science-fantasy-dystopia with superheroes, I’m gonna follow the author’s lead and call it a dys-hope-ia. Because even though Parole is a city crumbling into fire, full of strife and militant police, and no one can escape, everything is going to be okay. This is thanks to the amazing cast of characters, who all have some kind of power, courtesy of a drug with unforeseen side effects. But more than that, they are a bunch of marginalized people of all stripes, saving the world. In the…

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