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First Chameleon Moon short story anthology now available for Amazon pre-order!

Life Within Parole, Volume 1, a collection of 7 Short Stories in the Chameleon Moon universe is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Releases on November 11th!

If you are seeing this for the first time, Chameleon Moon is a really cool book series about LGBT/poly/ace/disabled/neurodiverse people with super-abilities surviving a nightmarish dystopian city precariously placed over a permanently burning lake of fire – which is terrifying, but I tried to make it chock full o’hope/love/rock n’roll, and an affirmation that we can survive anything, and in fact, already are.

The gorgeous cover art was drawn and inked by the amazing @jillianlambertart, and colored by me! You may recognize it as a WIP entry to the original Book 1 cover art contest – where I loved the character ink so much I had to color it, BG it, and use it here. Because I freaking love coloring, it’s been forever, it felt so good to art things again, and holy dang, there’s nothing like having your own art on your own book cover. Even better if it’s an awesome surprise collab-project with an amazing artist.

Additionally… I first announced this on my blog during Asexual Awareness Week, and that was incredibly important. (This is actually a cross-post from that blog entry, which I admit shamelessly – and spoonlessly – enough~) So HAPPY ACE WEEK, EVERYONE. I say this because not only am I a Very Ace nerd-writer, but also, the talented-as-heck artist I joined forces with for the cover is Absolutely Aces herself – and so is the anxious lizard-dragon-guy we drew on it! Regan, one of the main Chameleon Moon characters is just as ace as his writer (and artists), and one of the reasons I’ve been so happy and excited about the CM relaunch/2nd Edition is that I’m writing this exactly the way I want and need to. It’s incredibly important, fulfilling and just… Good. It’s so good.

These short stories will also introduce several new and super-important characters (ha, super, pun not intended but enjoyed~), who will also increase the ace awesomeness. We’ll see two of them for the first time in particular, Rowan and Annie, and I really hope you like them. Because these collected stories might be short, but both of them are so important – and they’ll be pivotal in Book 2: The Lifeline Signal, which is coming in December. Heck yeah.

I hope everyone had/is having an amazing week. I’m so happy to be part of it, and see the incredible things we create every day. (And I’m not done yet… stay tuned for a big one~)


And if you just can’t wait until November 11th – and want to support your local asexual/disabled/chronically ill/queer/trans creator, and score a high-resolution version of the above cover art (and original ink!), and get a sneak-peek of all of these stories (almost, the last one will be up super quick)… you can head on over to my Patreon. My Patrons see everything I make, first. ❤ And basically help me live. Literally. THANK YOU.

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