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Excerpt from Life Within Parole, Volume 2

I’m so excited to share an excerpt from Life Within Parole, Volume 2 by RoAnna Sylver, a story collection set in the Chameleon Moon universe, by one of my favorite queer authors, which comes out October 11!

Here is a note from the author about the excerpt:

The opening to “Happening Again” might strike some readers as familiar. I wrote it to be a mirror to “Runtime,” another night in Parole, another Jay/Regan run that starts off with their back and forth, and another event that will upend everything and plunge them into the next crisis – which leads up to the beginning of Chameleon Moon itself. We’re also going to meet one of the scariest guys I’ve ever written. (We’ve seen his effects, but not him in person yet. I hope his introduction is sufficiently chilling.) This is also the first of a 2-part story, and where “Happening…

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