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Chase The Morning (Repo! The Genetic Opera) – Cover

Would kill, die, and/or give eyes to be Mag in a show someday. ❤

Repo’s been a pretty important rock opera to me for a while. Both as a musical theatre person and chronically ill person. I feel Shilo really, really hard. (Why are my genetics such a bitch?)

So sometimes, after the angry, cathartic-as-hell rocking out is over… I need to remind myself to chase the morning. And anyone listening too.

This was incredibly fun. If complicated – but not in the way you’d expect. I swear, mixing this took around 5x longer than singing all 3 parts! And involved reconnecting with my old friend Audacity, because Garageband just refused to straighten up and fly right at some points! I used this lovely instrumental. Gosh, I love the interwebs.

This felt so good. Singing is healing. Have to do this more. Have to.

If I ever have a good pain day and sufficient spoons – because holy crap, it’s gonna take about 19… Chromaggia. Yes. (And hopefully, full videos of both.)

Yield for nothing. ❤

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