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Character Interview with Oz || We all needed to know more about him.

Wahey there! I’m extremely excited to have this post here because it is absolutely cool! Dawnfall is the game I’m talking about and if you don’t know what that all is – here’s a twitter thread by the author, RoAnna Sylver, where you can find out more about it. And here’s a link to the Hearts of Choice website – which also gives the links for Android/iOS apps or if you want to play it on the website.

I reached out to RoAnna because I saw Oz on the character art and saw him a bit in the free chapters we got before the game was released and IMMEDIATELY wanted to know more about him. Hence this interview! I made the picture big because Oz is too cool to be shown as a tiny image.

Meet Oz!

Character questions for Oz

Hi, Oz! I’m super glad to have you here…

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