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Chameleon Moon short story “Un-Dead” is now its own eBook! BECAUSE……Sounds l

Got some extremely Halloweeny news, guys – the Chameleon Moon short story, Un-Dead, is now its own ebook! With awesome cover art. By me.

😀 Dang that art felt good to do. Been forever since I drew a serious Thing, and there is nothing like having your own drawings on your book/story cover~

BUT YOU MAY BE WONDERING “Why the one that’s already been published – and comes free with the first book’s Second Edition eBook?” GOOD QUESTION! Couple answers:

1) it’s Spoopy As Fuck

2) And for me that would rly be enough, LBR (since i am obvs not even embarrassed saying ‘spoopy,’ i refuse all irony)


….But the big one? Nah, I’m not telling you to get hyped about something you already own (even if it has cool new Art now – AND IF YOU LIKE THE ART, all my Patreon backers will get high-resolution versions of it, without the text, in the next couple days!) But…..

4) Amazon insists that all new AUDIOBOOKS come from their own existing books. 😀

YESSSS. I’m working right now on making this into AN AUDIOBOOK, WHICH I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT and have started recording and am having so much fun omg, i’ve been wanting to do these for YEARS – i LOVE voice acting, i love reading things, and it’s been so fun so far~ (if you’re curious, Hans sounds like a combo of Snarky Gerard Way and Gary Oak from Pokemon. SMELL YA LATER~)

So get ready for that. They are in the works now, and I can’t wait. So excited. ❤

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