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Chameleon Moon: Book 1, Second Edition is Available from Amazon Now!

 It’s finally happened babies. Parole is back. They said we started out in a blaze of glory… And now we’re walking through the fire again.

Truly, deeply, this is a Life Highlight, and also a Gratitude Highlight. ❤

The super short version, in case anyone is seeing this for the first time:

Chameleon Moon (Book 1 of a series!) is an already-acclaimed and very cool book about LGBT/polyromantic/ace/disabled/neurodiverse people with super-abilities surviving a nightmarish, dystopian city precariously placed over a permanently burning lake of fire – which is terrifying, but I tried to make it chock full o’hope/love/rock n’roll (literally, this edition has songs I’m gonna do) and basically a rejection of grimdark/depressing trends and an affirmation that we can survive anything, and in fact, already are.

It was originally published through an independent Northwest publisher who unfortunately had to close their doors earlier in 2016 (a notoriously brutal year for small/indie publishing houses)… but I’m nowhere near done with this universe or this story, and after the rights reverted to me, I went to work rewriting and re-launching the series. The Chameleon Moon series has (at least) five books planned, as well as several short stories, and I fully plan to carry it out, as well as, eventually, audiobooks, graphic novels, and supplementary music, art, and other multimedia projects with fellow guest artists. (In short… it’s gonna be fun.)

But first, The Second Edition. This is Book One – better, harder, faster, stronger. (Our work is never over… but oh, this is a good first step. <3)

This new edition has several substantial updates – same basic plot, but a great deal of the book has been rewritten. In very, very good ways I think. Some of these changes are just because I’ve grown a lot as a writer in 3 years, but most of them are because I am a happier/braver/healthier person, both emotionally and physically because I got several chronic illnesses treated. And wow, less pain = better writing!).

These include (but aren’t limited to; there’s a lot) on-page #confirmed asexual main character, Even More Poly than before (and it already had a superheroine lesbian triad), another main character using they/them pronouns (they were always nonbinary but now their pronouns fit them a lot better), and… just a lot more. The story is deeper, richer, more meaningful (to me personally, and those who have read it agree, if this means anything), and a lot more worldbuilding things/expanding/hinting at Book 2 (out in December!).

…I’m just happy. Everything has gone incredibly successfully so far (I mean ‘incredibly;’ I really can’t believe it) from the cover art contest to the reception, and I can’t wait for the short story compilation in November, and Book 2.

Thank you. So much. Wow. I can’t begin to thank you enough. But I’ll keep trying every day. (My work is never over. I’ll keep trying to make every word better, harder, faster… Your support and love makes me stronger.)

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