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Celebrating the release of BUT NOT UP HERE

“Words about love, loss, grief, PTSD, and jokes with no punchline.

Steps toward finding yourself and singing down the stars.”

RoAnna was kind enough gift me an ARC to celebrate their release this month of But Not Up Here (Poems About Remembering in Neon), along with taking the time to answer some questions for me about their writing process, this collection of poetry, and their plans for future writing projects. Enjoy!

A lot of your work is set within the city of Parole, a fictional city shown in the Chameleon Moon stories. What made you decide to diverge from this and publish poetry?

I’ve wanted to publish poetry for a long time, and it finally seems like my fiction is taking off and stabilizing in a way that lets me branch out. I’ve also been collecting and saving my poems for a long time; some of them in But…

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