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Book Review: Life within Parole

Life Within Parole is a bunch of short stories relating to the character’s from the main novel Chameleon Moon, this however does just involve the main group, in fact I would say that a fair few of these short stories gives more depth to the main characters and the fear the people of Parole go through in their day to day life, but the growth and understanding is of the side characters, like CyborJ and Jenny Strings to name a few.

The good thing about Life Within Parole is you don’t have to have read Chameleon Moon to get this book, Sylver does a good job of explaining the world in both the books without it feeling repetitive.

In this book we explore more of Parole and the characters within it, a birthday party being celebrated, a ghost haunting a safe haven, a con that doesn’t go exactly to plan…

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