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Frequently Asked Questions

Chameleon Moon

1) Where can I get a copy of Chameleon Moon?

It is now available from Amazon as an ebook! Print is coming soon!

2) Where will it be available?

It will be available as an ebook worldwide! (You do NOT need an e-reader to read it! It will work just fine on any computer.) It will also be in print, but they would all ship from the United States. It will also hopefully be an audio book.

3) What's it about?

There’s a synopsis here. And on this site's home page, actually! In short, it's a story about a bunch of diverse people with problems and weird abilities, trying to survive a fiery dystopian city and figure out what the deal is with it. There's superpowers and punk rock ladies and lizard guys and zombies and nerdy references and cyborg lesbians and their pet robot wolf. I think it's pretty cool.

4) Why is it called Chameleon Moon/what does that mean?

In a word… “Change.”

5) Are you going to write more books after this one?

YES. Chameleon Moon is the first book in what will be at least three. You might notice by the end there are a lot of unanswered questions. Don't worry, that's intentional, and I got you covered.  I'll write as many as I can/have stories for, in this universe or others.

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The Author

1) I think I remember seeing a popular tumblr post with an author lying on the floor. Was that you?

Yeah, that was me. I'm in a chair now.

2) Do you have any words of advice for aspiring authors?

Sure do! Don't give up. You're a rock star. <3

3) Do you have any other websites?

Yep. I have the requisite social media stuff (facebook, twitter, the buttons are below) and I also blog pretty regularly on Tumblr.

4) What's your favorite thing in the world besides writing?

I love bunnies, peanut butter and videogames, especially RPGs and classic adventure games - I learned to type with King's Quest 2. (SWIM, GRAHAM, SWIM!) My favorite games ever have to be Betrayal in Antara (a classic Sierra RPG) and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (a Nintendo adventure game/visual novel). I'm also a big fan of Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


I also love making music, listening to music (especially Queen and hard rock covers of pop songs for some reason), musical theatre, acting, drawing, dancing, and cuddling with soft blankets and fuzzy animal friends. I also think a lot about this animated Disney series called Gargoyles that you should totally check out.

5) I heard you were sick. Are you sick?

Yes and no. I have a lot of weird genetic conditions that result in chronic illness and both physical and mental/emotional pain and disabilities. Sometimes I write about them. Actually, if you want to get deep and literary, almost everything in Chameleon Moon is a metaphor for it. Parole is a metaphor for a body in crisis, and what it's like living with chronic pain, depression and anxiety. (I'd suggest getting deep and literary as much as possible. It's fun.) 

6) I also heard you write fanfiction. Are authors even allowed to write fanfiction? Are you any good?

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